Command-IT, powered by NTConnections, is happy to offer unlimited technical support for your computer needs. For a low flat monthly fee our support team will provide Enterprise level Help Desk services for a single low monthly fee.  Here are just a few of the services we provide

  Our dedicated support team are experts in optimizing your systems performance.  Frustrated with withering laptop batteries, slow internet, applications that just don't seem to work any longer.  Let us put our years of experience to work for you.  Our Command-IT specialists will be happy to update your system drives, perform critical updates on your system and keep your computer optimized and secure.
 Why keep wasting your time trying to figure out when you will be able to drive your computer over to the local Geek shop when a single phone call can do the job for you?  Our experts are standing by 24x7, 365 waiting to solve your computer problems right now!  Applications acting up, files won't open, emails seem to have disappeared, printer simply won't print any more, internet down.  Make life easy and take Command of your IT.  Subscribe today!

      This single biggest threat to your personal identity and your organizations security are malicious applications that lurk in the background of your computer.  Our team of engineers are experts at eradicating those hidden threats that could jeopardize your personal information as well as your organizations data.  Security by obscurity simply isn't security at all.  Let our experts examine your computer today to make sure you are protected from the latest threats.
        How many times has your computer popped up a message indicating new updates are available and you just weren't sure if it was a hoax or a critical application update? With Command-IT's added service, Microsoft and application patching you never have to worry about those popups again.  Let us take the guess work out of updating your computer by testing the patches and installing them on your computer for you.  Our experts approve each and every patch before it ever gets installed on any computer so we can help ensure it is safe and secure.


         Here are just a few of the other things we cove as well:

        • Workstation  / Laptop / Hand Held OS Support.
        • Printing and Network Connectivity Support.
        • Core Application Support, Microsoft, Adobe & Symantec. . . .
        • Email Support
        • Microsoft Office Support
        • Software and Applications related incidents on Microsoft or Macintosh systems
        • Printer Mapping, Driver Issues, New Printer Setup.
        • Spyware and Malware Removal
        • and so many more . . . .